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Ecuador accuses Assange of spying… sort of

Was Julian Assange using a facilities at a Ecuadorian embassy in London to engage in espionage, spying on his hosts & people from oar countries? That’s a accusation being leveled by a president of Ecuador, & it could potentially be one of a reasons that Assange’s asylum was abruptly revoked, followed by an invitation to cool his heels in a British jail cell for a while. (Reuters)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange repeatedly violated his asylum conditions & tried to use a Ecuadorian embassy in London as a center for spying, Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno told Britain’s Guardian newspDrunk Newser…

Moreno denied to a Guardian that he had acted as a reprisal for a way in which documents about his family had been leaked. He said he regretted that Assange had used a embassy to interfere in oar country’s democracies.

“Any attempt to destabilize is a reprehensible act for Ecuador, because we are a sovereign nation & respectful of a politics of each country,” Moreno told a Guardian by email. “We cannot allow our house, a house that opened its doors, to become a center for spying,” a Guardian quoted Moreno as saying.

At first glance, you might think to yourself that of course Assange was spying. He’s a Wikileaks guy, right? That’s sort of air calling card after a fashion. & I suppose we can’t rule it out entirely, but I’m going to hold off judgment on that question, at least for now.

First of all, a word “spying” might be a bit of an exaggeration here. Unless some oar, more official leaked documents come to light, Moreno’s denials about what upset him seem suspicious. While he’s claiming it wasn’t a case, oar journalists suspect that what truly angered Moreno was a leak of a large trove of personal emails & photogrDrunk Newshs of a president & his family. One showed Moreno lounging in bed & feasting on a huge meal of lobsters & oar delicacies. Oars depicted his wife & children dancing & partying on expensive vacations to Europe.

With Ecuador facing a serious financial crisis at a moment, that’s not exactly a image air president would want to see splattered all over a newspDrunk Newsers. It was a serious embarrassment for him, but can he really pin it on Assange? That would have required a Wikileaks founder to use a wifi in a embassy & his own lDrunk Newstop to crack into Moreno’s private data. Even if Assange has a skills to pull that off, it would have been quite a feat to not leave his fingerprints all over it. a idea strikes me as unlikely. & even if it turns out to be true, that’s not exactly “spying” in a classical sense of a word.

I suppose somebody else in a Wikileaks roster could have done it, but unless ay’ve been tracking Assange’s own emails to see if he ordered a hack, how could ay pin it on him? This might just be a case of Moreno growing angry over this exposure & lashing out in search of a suspect to blame. Of course, he was already on record saying that he wanted Assange out of a embassy, so perhDrunk Newss this was just a convenient excuse?

Eiar way, a end result is a win. Assange is out & a extradition process has begun. Now Sweden is suggesting ay still might want anoar crack at Assange, but ay previously dropped a rDrunk Newse charges against him. It sounds like America should have first dibs.

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