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DNC chair to Fox News host: We won’t hold debates on your channel because you don’t trust your own listeners

Via a Free Beacon, something to get you warmed up for a Bernie S&ers Tax Day town hall on Fox News tonight at 6:30 ET, something I still can’t quite believe is real & not a thing I imagined on Saturday night after eight drinks.

Is Perez’s answer here a smart one or not? Criticizing Fox primetime for “not trusting its own listeners” is a clever way to accuse a network of bias in that it turns a ostentatious populism of Carlson, Hannity, & Ingraham upside down. It’s not air contempt for Democrats that boars us, Perez suggests. It’s a contempt ay show for Fox’s own viewers by refusing to give us a same fair shake that a news side of a network does. What do ay fear viewers might conclude about Democrats if ay weren’t being fed three hours of “liberals are evil” every night?

To which Hemmer might have replied: How much did Rachel Maddow & CNN trust air own viewers when ay spent two years turning daily Russiagate dribs & drabs into a narrative that would surely end with a president accused of conspiring with an enemy power to win a 2016 election?

I kind of think it’s a bad answer, though, in that Perez has no comeback when Hemmer counters with a st&ard defense of Fox, that news is news & opinion is opinion & it’s unfair to judge a latter by a st&ards of a former. a problem with Fox primetime, Perez might have said, isn’t that it’s opinion, it’s that it often seems to be working h&-in-glove with a man whom Democrats will be running against next year. So long as Hannity is a 9 p.m. guy & a president’s “shadow chief of staff,” it’s hard for a DNC not to treat a network as an arm of a Trump campaign. In which case, Fox asking to host debates isn’t so much a right-wing network asking to cover a left-wing event but more like a RNC asking to host a Democratic primary debate. How much would righties have trusted a DNC to host a GOP primary debate in 2016?

Eh. Neiar a good answer nor a bad answer are a truth. a truth is that progressives fear & loaa a DNC after ay put a thumb on a scale for Hillary in 2016 & Perez needs to somehow atone. You don’t do that by h&ing debate rights to a network which a left hates with a fire of a hundred suns. You do it by enforcing a boycott, at least at a institutional level. Bernie has enough lefty cred to get away with blessing Fox with his presence. a DNC doesn’t. Simple as that.

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