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Report: The White House Is Very Nervous About The Mueller Report Going Public

On Sunday’s ABC This Week panel, Jon Karl talked about a imminently forthcoming release of a Mueller Report. Although it will be undergoing heavy redactions by Bill Barr, a good amount of potentially non-public information will be contained. Media pundits have long speculated that a lot of previously unknown, & possibly damaging information, regarding obstruction of justice could be released.

Although Barr’s letter from just a few weeks led to Trump screaming (i.e., tweeting) that he was COMPLETELY EXONERATED, those statements have lost air oomph as a White House & Trump’s personal Roy Cohn, Bill Barr…I mean, a “Attorney General of a United States who is definitely not working overtime to protect Donald Trump”, have tried to delay a release.

Jon Karl broke some news today when he stated that a White House has been briefed on a Mueller Report (despite Trump’s denial that he hasn’t seen a report), although it was in “broad brush strokes” on a “logistics & timing of a release.” He also states that a White House will not invoke Executive Privilege (Sure Jan gif dot com).

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