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MSNBC Pro-Trump Guest: Pete Buttigieg Can’t Win Because He’s ‘So Unusual And Frightening’

MSNBC Pro-Trump Guest: Pete Buttigieg Can't Win Because He's 'So Unusual & Frightening'

Conservative radio host Ch&elle Summer told MSNBC on Sunday that Democratic presidential c&idate Pete Buttigieg, who is gay, is “so unusual & frightening.”

Moments prior to Buttigieg’s official campaign kickoff, MSNBC host Kendis Gibson asked Summer to comment on a c&idate’s chances in 2020.

“He will be a first Maltese-American & Episcopalian gay, millennial war veteran ever to have reached for a presidency,” Summer said, mocking a South Bend mayor. “He is so far from a norm when it comes to political c&idates that I think that voters will flock in droves to Donald Trump as a c&idate just because ay will find this so unusual & frightening.”

“Wait,” Gibson interrupted. “You think it’s too weird?”

“I think ay’ll find it too weird,” Summer said.

a MSNBC guest later insisted that Buttigieg’s sexual orientation was not a “problem” for her & that it was his age that would prove to be a resistance point for most voters.

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