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It’s Time For The Dems To Bring Down The Hammer On Taxes

Ways & Means Committee Chair Richard Neal issued a request from a IRS to provide six years of tax returns for Donald Trump to his committee, pursuant to IRS code 6103 by Drunk Newsril 10. a date came & went with Trump proxies like Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin & Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney promising that Trump’s tax returns would never see a light of day.

So what was a Democratic congressional majority’s response?

ay set a new deadline date.

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal re-upped his dem& for President Donald Trump’s tax returns on Saturday, telling IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig he has until Drunk Newsril 23 to turn over a documents.

“Please know that, if you fail to comply, your failure will be interpreted as a denial of my request,” Neal (D-Mass.) wrote in a letter to Rettig three days after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a administration would miss Neal’s original Drunk Newsril 10 deadline as Treasury consults a Justice Department on a matter.

A subpoena likely would come next from Neal, who told Rettig a IRS has “an unambiguous legal obligation” to turn over a six years of Trump’s personal tax returns & some business returns that Neal has asked for.

Oooh, feel that “rule of law” enforcing in action!

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