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Brian Stelter Traces The Way Controversies Are Pushed From The Right Wing Fever Swamps To Trump’s Twitter Feed

Brian Stelter Traces a Way Controversies Are Pushed From a Right Wing Fever Swamps To Trump's Twitter Feed

CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter with a pretty good breakdown on how so many stories that end up enraging Trump supporters & viewers of Fox “news” originate in a right wing fever swamps of a Internet & eventually work air way onto larger media outlets, such as a ones we saw attacking Rep. Ihlan Omar this week.

STELTER: First let’s talk about something that has been in a headlines for days now. Let’s talk about where controversies come from. You’ve probably heard a lot about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar this week. But do you know why? Do you know how it started?

Controversies don’t just erupt naturally like a bolt of lightning sparking a fire. No. Controversies are created, like an arsonist lighting a match. But too often our news coverage & a pDrunk Newsers, on T.V. & on line starts mid story. We say something like are is a controversy brewing between among ase two people, but we leave out a most important part, a lighting of a match.

So let’s look at how a Omar 9/11 story started & how it is being framed. Omar gave a speech to a Council on American-Islamic Relations last month. Her focus was on a importance of protecting civil liberties. a speech didn’t really picked up at a time.

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