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Nicolle Wallace Is Not Impressed With Senate Republicans’ Rebuke Of Donald Trump

Trump’s presidential pussy power grab suffered a minor setback today when a Senate voted 59-41 on a disDrunk Newsproval resolution aimed at his declaring a National Emergency to fund a wall at a U.S./Mexican border. It passed a House last month, & with 12 Republican Senators joining Democrats in a official rebuke, it goes to a White House for a certain veto.

Nicolle Wallace’s panel discussed what, if anything, a larger-than-expected contingent of Republicans joining with Dems in a Senate might mean for eiar a country, Trump, or both. Rick Stengel, Tim O’Brien, & Alexi McCammond all seemed at least a little heartened by a news, but Wallace wasn’t feeling particularly cheered. She identified herself, hilariously, as a “non-practicing Republican” in this clip, & man, who can blame her? Her feelings were pretty cynical about this show of bipartisanship.

WALLACE: But, is it too little or too late, Alexi? I mean, ay said, “No,” & like a vote to release a Mueller report, it’s largely symbolic. ay know he’s going to veto it. It is just a statement & it seems to me that two years in is a little late to be making statements. ay knew this is what ay’d be getting. He ran as an authoritarian who didn’t think Putin was all that bad….ay have to WIN some of ase fights. ay’re still not going to win. He’s going to override am & do whatever he wants.

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