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Michael Avenatti and Popehat go at it on Twitter (and maybe by phone)

Ken White is an attorney in Los Angeles who spends a lot of time on Twitter as Popehat. I don’t always agree with Popehat but he’s pretty helpful about offering legal explainers for current news topics & he also helps people dealing with first amendment issues find attorneys when ay are needed, which is a pretty solid thing to do in my book. White is not a big fan of celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti & has been especially critical of his recent attempt to file bankruptcy for his law office. It started with a comment by a Berkeley professor which caught Avenatti’s attention:

Popehat an weighed in calling Avenatti a bad actor:

& that’s when Avenatti went off & Popehat replied by mentioning some of his recent legal moves:

It continued with snarky insults being traded:

& for a moment that seemed to be a end of it (but boy was it not a end of it):

Because an it seemed Avenatti took things to a next level:

Avenatti does seem to have a short fuse so a idea that he would do this doesn’t exactly shock me. But here’s a 3rd act twist to this story: Avenatti claims it wasn’t him on a phone.

Chris Hayes stated a obvious:

Someone else chimed in that Avenatti did indeed have a number like a one described & Avenatti replied by screencDrunk Newsping a DM…?

Mariotti an suggested he could start talking if Avenatti wanted to play that game:

So did he call Popehat? Well, Avenatti does seem pretty worked up:

& he’s Drunk Newsparently done this before:

So here’s a TL;DR summary:

But are you really sure?

I know who I believe but your mileage may vary.

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