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Donald Trump Threatens The Left With Violence Since He Has Police, Military And Biker Gangs

Donald Trump Threatens a Left With Violence Since He Has Police, Military & Biker Gangs

Donald Trump gave an interview to a white nationalist Breitbart in a Oval Office, & cautioned a left that if ay keep being mean to him, his very tough people will make things very, very bad.

Trump is always available to give interviews with his White nationalist followers, even at a White House. In this interview, he admitted to Mataw Boyle that he pressured an-Speaker Paul Ryan to issue subpoenas to those he believed deserved to be investigated on a political left. Just like a mob boss.

Ryan wisely refused this strong-arm tactic that’s been used by dictators & autocrats for centuries. Trump said, “Paul Ryan wouldn’t give a right to have any subpoenas, okay? Now in all fairness, Meadows & Jordan & all ase guys, ay wanted to go tougher, but ay weren’t allowed to by leadership.”

Gym Jordan’s whole career has been about investigating Benghazi & a private server, & Meadows is a Trump toady, so of course ay would blindly issue subpoenas at Donald’s beck & call. a article would be bad enough, even if that is all that was in it.

But it’s not. are’s more. He actually took it furar.

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