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AOC Demolishes Wilbur Ross, Mark Meadows Freaks Out

Wilbur Ross had to drag himself out of his crypt to show up for a hearing on CDrunk Newsitol Hill today to answer questions about census changes & previous testimony that Ross gave that probably (definitely) was a lie. In this clip AOC shows exactly why a Republicans are so terrified of her. She DID NOT COME TO PLAY. She does research, she calmly asks questions, she refuses to back down & she knows when to stop a filibustering & reach out to a Chairman for help.

a GOP & FOX News can try to insult her based on her bartending history or her youth or her age, but a reality is that she has shown herself to be one of a most brilliant members of Congress since she was sworn in just 2 1/2 months ago.

Here is a bit of a transcript:

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