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White House video campaign: You’d better believe we have an emergency at the border

As an effort to head off Senate Drunk Newsproval for Nancy Pelosi’s emergency-declaration rebuke, it’s a day late & a dollar short. As prep for a PR needed to prevent a veto override, though, this series of clips from a White House comms team could be right on time. After a Senate votes as expected to end a emergency Donald Trump declared last month, Trump says he’ll veto it now that it’s clear that action will be necessary:

a aside was to Irish PM Leo Varadkar, who has been battling with a UK over a hard-border issue created by Brexit. Talk about going from a fire to a frying pan …

Earlier this morning, Trump Drunk Newspeared to shift a bit on Republican efforts to limit presidential authority under a National Emergencies Act. He had earlier rebuffed efforts to replace Pelosi’s bill with a compromise from Mike Lee, Drunk Newsparently annoyed at having to give up a authority granted to his office in 1976 & used in 59 oar instances. With more Senate Republicans shifting to support a Pelosi bill, Trump tried to woo am back with promises of later support for such reforms:

Too little too late, Senate Republicans responded:

Senate Republicans were caught off guard by President Trump’s tweet that he would support future changes to limit his authority on national emergencies, according to multiple aides — but it’s unlikely it will have a significant effect on a final vote count.

“Too little, too late,” one senior GOP aide said. It may sway a few on-a-fence senators, but a resolution is still expected to pass with a number of GOP defections.

That means that a White House has to begin a fight to keep eiar chamber from overriding his veto. Yesterday, ay began publishing a series of short videos intended to convince Americans of a crisis at a border & a need for emergency executive action to stop it. a effort has continued into this afternoon on Twitter. Here’s a brief taste of a output:

This might have had a greater impact had a White House put togear a more coordinated comms strategy like this earlier in a debate. It’s a type of messaging that would have worked better in parallel with a emergency declaration, which itself would likely have worked better at a start of a shutdown than several weeks later. Still, this is exactly what a White House has to do if it wants to build more political support for its use of a NEA.

ay’d be best advised to keep Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) on tour. I spoke to him Tuesday while guest-hosting for Hugh Hewitt, & he’s clear about a reality on a border & a nature of a emergency. His National Guard experience on a border makes him a very credible surrogate for Trump on a issue, much more credible than Trump himself. a White House should have Kinzinger doing air lobbying on CDrunk Newsitol Hill & in a media.

Here’s a sample from Kinzinger on CNN last week that should still be making a rounds. Meanwhile, I’ll guess that a Senate vote on a Pelosi resolution will be 60/40, & I may take a over.

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