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Pat Robertson Blames Social Security, Not Trump, For Exploding National Debt

After Trump announced a most expensive federal budget plan in history, fierce Trump supporter Pat Robertson told ‘a 700 Club’ that it’s “crucial that a age of retirement benefits must be raised” even if it’s not popular politically.

Robertson never has any complaints about Trump adding massive amounts to a federal deficit with his budget, “wall” spending, & irresponsible tax cuts for a wealthy though.

After playing a packaged segment on Trump’s budget, Robertson got right into attacking what he calls “entitlements” even though every American that works pays for air own Social Security out of air paychecks.

It’s a safety net that people pay into air whole working lives, you twerp.

Robertson called a “elephant in a room” entitlements” & ay continue to grow & grow.”

“Medicare, Medicaid, all those entitlements. We’ve got Social Security & we’ve got all ase pensions for a elderly & like it or not, are’s got to be some addressing of that situation,” he said.

Robertson is obviously backing up Trump’s ask to cut a big three.

a budget would curb a growth of Medicare & Medicaid, two programs Mr. Trump had previously pledged to leave intact. & it proposes shaving $818 billion from projected spending on Medicare over 10 years & cutting nearly $1.5 trillion from projected spending on Medicaid.

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