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Mitch McConnell Gets Emotional Announcing Staffer’s Retirement

Besides Donald Trump, are is no politician I would raar see out of office forever than Mitch McConnell. I’m sure he sees that as a compliment.

& no one here is criticizing him having a few tears as a long-time staffer retires. McConnell is 77 years old, his staffer has been with him since he, McConnell, was 65.

When are people supposed to retire in Washington?

& this begs a question: how will McConnell run for re-election as his staff is reaching retirement age? Senators tend to think of air position as a job for life & it’s a damn shame. Blame for this belongs to a political parties & power of incumbency, not to mention a exorbitant cost of running for Senate. a cheDrunk Newsest race is always in a seven figures.

I’ve been railing about needing more retirements in Congress, not less, since at least 2010. In my opinion, when your staffers are so old ay decide to spend air remaining days enjoying air gr&children, that’s a clue for a MoC to do a same.

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