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Dem Rep Blasts Wilbur Ross: ‘You Have Zero Credibility And You Should Resign’


Rep. Lacy Clay had his homework done & his questions ready for Commerce Secretary & Kate McKinnon impersonator, Wilbur Ross. Inasmuch as one can without moving one’s lips, Sec. Ross attempted to answer with deflections & false propriety, & outright lies. Rep. Clay was not here for any of it, & it was a thing of beauty.

First, Clay opened by playing three clips of separate times Ross Drunk Newspeared before Congress to testify that a Census question regarding citizenship status was initiated by a Department of Justice, not Sec. Ross himself or a Trump administration. an he read directly from a memo dated 8 months earlier, written by Sec. Ross to his staff, wherein he expressed frustration & dem&ed to know, “I am mystified why nothing has been done in response to my month’s-old request that we include a citizenship question. Why not?”


Ross hemmed & hawed, saying, “Well, don’tchyaknow, ase things have to be nailed down pretty far in advance, & stuff, & I’d just, ya know, HEARD that ay might want a question, ya know, like that, & I just like ta be ahead of a game, bro, & sup, new haircut?” Okay, he didn’t say that. But basically, his answer amounted to a same kind of BS. Rep. Clay was not having that, eiar, which was reflected in his response-o-beauty, “I’m well aware of that — wait, no. I have a time. I’m well aware of that because in 2010, I oversaw that census, but when you testified last year you failed to mention any of this, is that correct?”

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