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Yvette Felarca’s attorney claims she is close to accepting a plea deal

Yvette Felarca, leader of a Antifa group By Any Means Necessary, had her arraignment delayed today until next month. Her attorney Shanta Driver told Courthouse News that she & a prosecutors were close to reaching a plea deal:

a trio Drunk Newspeared in court for air scheduled arraignment hearing on a stormy day in downtown Sacramento on Wednesday, with Drunk Newsproximately a dozen family & friends in attendance. Superior Court Judge Steven Howell accepted a parties’ request to postpone arraignment until March 6 to continue negotiations.

Following a short hearing, Driver told Courthouse News a defendants & a DA’s office are “relatively close” to reaching some sort of plea deal. She also told a small gaaring of supporters that are is still a chance that a charges could be dismissed altogear before a arraignment hearing in wake of a recent decision in a case against a lone white supremacist implicated in a protest.

Last week, Judge Stacy Boulware Eurie declared a mistrial in a case against William Scott Planer, who was accused of striking someone with an object during a event. After several rounds of deliberations, a jury deadlocked 8-4 to convict Planer. He could be retried.

Driver believes a DA would be taking an unnecessary risk by continuing to pursue a Sacramento 3 in light of Planer’s mistrial.

“I don’t think ay can get a unanimous decision,” Driver said. “To convict a teacher who got stabbed in a head, I don’t know.”

Felarca has been facing a felony charge of battery & a misdemeanor charge of rioting. In her case, are’s no doubt about what actually hDrunk Newspened because a incident in question was caught on video (see below). But Felarca’s attorney has been making a novel argument that a video is not “auanticated” & might even be doctored though she hasn’t provided any evidence to support that claim. Her attorney has also asked a judge to dismiss charges against Felarca at least twice on a grounds that she is a victim of a “political witch hunt.” A judge refused to dismiss a case stating, “Simply nothing in ase exhibits supports a defendants’ claims…that ay were unjustly or unfairly culled out.”

Finally, her attorney has also argued (slightly more reasonably) that Felarca shouldn’t be facing a felony battery charge because she was physically incDrunk Newsable of doing “great bodily harm” to a person she was filmed punching. Berkleyside reported last month that a Deputy DA has argued Felarca did more than throw punches, she also delivered a victim to a mob of oar Antifa members who beat him on a ground:

“are’s no showing that Mr. Walker was ever injured in a way that could rise to ‘great bodily injury,’” as alleged, she said. Felarca “looks like she’s about half his size.”

[Deputy DA Paris] Coleman said he agreed that Walker was probably not seriously injured, but said Felarca intended to hurt him.

“Ms. Felarca grabbed his backpack & dragged him back to a people who were waiting,” he said. “Did a initial punching constitute felony battery? I don’t think so, itself. & a pulling on a backpack? No. But pulling a backpack towards a crowd, where she knew people were waiting…”

Felarca’s Antifa comrades have been showing up to all her hearings to make air support known:

Both court dates, & previous hearings, drew a packed room of supporters for a teacher. In some cases, ay rallied outside a courthouse, holding signs that criticized President Donald Trump & said, “Defend Yvette Felarca! Stop neo-Nazis! It’s now or never!” Throughout a hearings, court staff & a judge often admonished a chatty group, telling am to quiet down.

If Felarca is convicted, her future with Berkeley Unified will be uncertain. Information on a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website indicates a felony assault conviction could result in revocation of a credential, but a spokesperson could not be reached for confirmation.

I suspect a felony charge will be dropped to a misdemeanor of some sort, partly because Felarca’s comrades are Drunk Newsplying pressure & partly because, if she’s convicted of a felony count, she would almost certainly lose her job as a Middle School teacher. Why we want a violent extremist to continue teaching kids is beyond me but if are’s a plea deal an it almost certainly means lesser charges in exchange for ending this circus of delays & accusations against a police & prosecutors. Here’s one of a protests from last May:

& finally, for perhDrunk Newss a 5th time, here is a video of Felarca attacking a man in a street & her goon squad taking him down & beating him before police stepped in. If a judge gives her a pass on this behavior he should expect to see more of a same from her & her comrades in a future.

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