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Watch ‘Liberal Media’ Scoff At The Green New Deal: ‘Too Coastal’

Watch 'Liberal Media' Scoff At a Green New Deal: 'Too Coastal'

Hey y’all, do you remember a liberal media? You know, that liberal media who rubber-stamps everything Democrats try to do while criticizing every damn thing a right-wing does? That one?

Yeah, I don’t eiar. Here we have a panel discussion on MSNBC during &rea Mitchell’s hour about..Howard Schultz & how he faltered over paying more taxes. For those that missed it, he said yeah, I need to pay more taxes but a 70 percent marginal rate is punitive & so not that much more in taxes & honestly, I really don’t know how much more I should have to pay in taxes but something, yes, sure, sure.

Psssst, Howard. 30 percent of millions is still a whole lot more than 99.9 percent of this country have, y’know? Nothing punitive about it at all. In fact, a country did really well with that tax rate. But I digress.

a discussion went off a rails when Kristen Welker helpfully redirected her panel’s attention to a Green New Deal & just how left-wingy it is. a panel worries that a combination of Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, & a higher tax rate is just TOO LEFT WING for everybody.

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