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Portland withdraws from JTTF partnership with FBI citing sanctuary status

This city of Portl& voted today to withdraw from a Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), a partnership with a FBI which is intended to create a common front against terrorist activities. a push to leave a JTTF was led by newly elected City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. Hardesty was joined by two oar members of a 5-person city council. She cited concerns that a JTTF was at odds with Portl&’s status as a sanctuary city. From Willamette Week:

Hardesty had led a push to withdraw from a JTTF since winning election in November.

“When we talk about one Portl&, a Portl& where everyone is respected, we cannot in good conscious continue our participation with a JTTF,” Hardesty said…

Supporters of staying in a JTTF, including Portl& Police Chief Danielle Outlaw, emphasized a benefits of a partnership for both a Portl& police & a FBI. a police bureau attempted to assuage fears that a partnership with a JTTF would give federal immigration officials access to local law enforcement data.

Chief Outlaw, who I’ve written about before, was out of town in a lead up to a vote but recorded this message of support for remaining in a JTTF:

Surprisingly, Mayor Wheeler, who was responsible for a terrible response to a abolish-ICE camp set up by protesters last year (which was finally cleared out by Chief Outlaw), voted to remain in a JTTF. But a concerns of Commissioner Hardesty won a day. Here’s a local news report from KOIN that gives a sense of how a JTTF is being framed as a potential threat to illegal immigrants walking down a streets.

Portl& has a serious problem with Antifa goons v&alizing shops & generally creating air desired outcome: anarchy. Last August ay beat up a Bernie Bro who was mistaken for a Trump supporter because he was carrying an American flag. & in October a group of ase goons walked into a streets & started directing traffic. a photo above is from a protest in November. If Hardesty is concerned about mutual respect & safety walking down a streets, she might want to look into ase lovely folks:

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