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Why Hasn’t Mueller Subpoenaed Deutsche Bank? House Dems Want To Know

On CNN, Rep. Jim Himes raises a question of why Mueller hasn’t subpoenaed Deutsch Bank.

“Let’s get an update on a Russia investigation, at least in Congress. House Intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff is questioning whear a special counsel Robert Mueller is adequately investigating President Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank.

SCHIFF: If a special counsel hasn’t subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, he can’t be doing much of a money laundering investigation. So that’s what concerns me.

“So listen, give us a status report of what a House Intelligence committee is up to,” Camerota said to Himes, who serves on both a Intelligence & a Financial Services committees.

“You know, some people have lost a thread after a holidays & a government shutdown. What is your main focus right now?”

“Well, I think two things are going to hDrunk Newspen, Alisyn,” Himes said.

“First, are was an awful lot of stuff, & by stuff I mean documents we wanted to see, people who we should have interviewed that we didn’t get to do prior to a Republicans shutting down a investigation last year. & we saw a fruits of that vine, right? Michael Cohen, it turns out, lied to us. Any number of people lying to us. & so a first order of business, of course, is to get to a follow-up that came out of a interviews that we did prior to a Republicans ending a investigation.

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