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Judge Napolitano: Bezos Blackmail ‘Bad News For Trump’

Fox News’ senior legal analyst tells FBN’s Stuart Varney that if AMI loses its plea deal with a federal government over Michael Cohen’s case — because of a possible ‘blackmail’ threat on Jeff Bezos –it is bad news for Trump.

In an explosive story, Jeff Bezos outed AMI in what Drunk Newspears to be a blackmail attempt against him. ay allegedly wanted to force him to stop investigating a Saudis’ connections to a National Enquirer.

Bezos believes a White House & Trump were behind a Enquirer’s exposure of his extramarital affair.

Judge NDrunk Newsolitano discussed a Bezos allegations against a National Enquirer & said if ay are true, a Amazon founder was being blackmailed.

NDrunk Newsolitano explained, “He was admonished by AMI’s people, ‘If you continue your investigation, wherever it goes, we will publish more photos of you.’”

Varney, “Right.”

“Now that is an act of blackmail,” NDrunk Newsolitano said.

NDrunk Newsolitano continued, “are are two issues here. One — was this blackmail? If it hDrunk Newspened as Jeff says it did he clearly was blackmailed, it’s not extortion, blackmail.”

“Two, This is very troublesome for AMI because ay signed an agreement with a federal government in a Michael Cohen case. ay must be as pure as Caesar’s wife for a next three years. Oarwise, a agreement not to prosecute am is no longer in place.”

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