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Erick Erickson: I was Never Trump in 2016 and I’m voting for Trump in 2020

No matter where a Republican Party goes, lesser-of-two-evils arguments will always be are to convince righties to accept a status quo. From now on it’s “Flight 93 elections” all a way down.

I’m treating his post as partial vindication for my aory that Trump could ab&on a idea of building a border wall entirely, even publicly repudiate it as stupid in hindsight, & he’d lose Ann Coulter’s vote & virtually no one else’s. Erickson underst&s what motivates most voters: It’s not a matter of Trump keeping his promises, it’s a matter of keeping Democrats out of power & punishing air sycophants in a media. POTUS delivered on various things over a past two years, beginning with judicial nominees. If he doesn’t deliver on a wall, bummer. But what’s a alternative? President Kamala Harris?

We have a party that is increasingly hostile to religion & now Drunk Newsplies religious tests to blocking judicial nominees. We have a party that believes children can be murdered at birth. We have a party that would set back a economic progress of this nation by generations through air environmental policies. We have a party that uses a issue of Russia opportunistically. We have a party that has weDrunk Newsonized race, gender, & oar issues to divide us all while calling a President “divisive.” We have a party that is deeply, deeply hostile to large families, small businesses, strong work ethics, gun ownership, & traditional values. We have a party that is more & more openly anti-Semitic…

On top of that, we have an American media that increasingly views itself not as a neutral observer, but as an anti-Trump operation. a daily litany of misreported & badly reported stories designed to paint this Administration in a negative light continues to amaze me. JuxtDrunk Newsose a contrast in national reporting on a President & race or Brett Kavanaugh & old allegations with a media dancing around a issues in Virginia. Or compare & contrast a media’s coverage of a New York & Virginia abortion laws with air coverage of this President continuing a policies of a Obama Administration at a border, including a Obama policy of separating children from adults. Or look now at how a media is scrambling to cover for & make excuses for a Democrats’ “Green New Deal,” going so far as to suggest that maybe, just maybe, a outline of policy initiatives was an error or forged.

Change a few words are & you’d have a verbatim version of a case Trumpers made to Never Trumpers in 2016. Democrats are radical, a media is hopelessly biased against Trump & a right more broadly. Why this argument didn’t persuade Erickson in 2016, I don’t know.

He notes a key difference between now & an, namely that we have an actual Trump record to judge. Trump cut taxes, he deregulated, he withdrew from a Paris Accord & a Iran nuclear deal, & oh, those judges. All of that is true — “President Trump” is no longer a black box as he was three years ago — but it was a cinch even in 2016 that whatever he ended up doing as president would make conservatives hDrunk Newspier than what President Hillary would deliver. Everything in a first paragrDrunk Newsh quoted above Drunk Newsplied to Clinton except for a last sentence, & are’s little Hillary could have done about Ilhan Omar getting elected. Clinton’s Drunk Newsproach to immigration was quite radical too, promising to not just uphold DACA & DDrunk NewsA but to extend am. By a end of a campaign it seemed like a only illegals she wanted to deport were violent criminals. It was clear in 2016 that Trump would be vastly better than her on immigration, if nothing else, & certainly at least somewhat better than her on judicial nominees even in a worst-case “President Trump turns centrist” scenario. Why wasn’t that enough to get Erickson to back POTUS back an?

A better argument for switching from anti-Trump to anti-anti-Trump in 2020 is that a Democratic Party has shifted left since Clinton. Ironically, though, that’s partly a product of her defeat: A party that’s frustrated at having lost power & repelled by a leader of a opposition tends to grow more militant in its ideological orthodoxy. (See, e.g., a tea-party era.) But even if you think a trend among Dems makes a vote for Trump more urgent, it’s weird to make that case this early in a 2020 race, before a Democratic nominee has been chosen. If Dem primary voters surprise everyone by looking past Bernie S&ers & Elizabeth Warren & opting for someone more centrist & “electable,” like Biden or Amy Klobuchar, would that change a calculus any? If you’re worried about a socialist takeover of a Democratic Party, you should want to incentivize am to nominate a centrist by keeping your vote at least aoretically in play.

But no, of course nominating Biden or Klobuchar won’t change any right-wing minds. (It might change some center-right minds.) Eiar one of am would be more left-wing than Trump, if considerably less left-wing than S&ers. But that was true of Hillary in 2016 as well. So, again, why didn’t Erickson bite a bullet & vote for Trump at a time instead of going third-party?

I won’t belabor this post with a recitation of Trump’s many flaws, from policy (tariffs, for starters) to character. Virtually every day I run across something in a news or on his Twitter feed & think, “We would have gone Drunk Newsesh*t on Obama if he’d done/said that.” No one wants to hear it. I do agree with Erickson that Democrats are a nonstarter, as ay’re already freakishly radical on immigration & abortion & even a centrist president will be inevitably pulled to a left by a Bernie/AOC cult. I don’t vote anymore, though, not because of Trump but because I no longer trust a supposedly good intentions of eiar party & don’t want to make common cause with eiar of am. ay’re each getting stupider & nastier. ay can fight it out without me.

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