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The greatest honor a U.S. president has ever received

From yesterday’s Carnevale di Viareggio in Italy. Watching this, I felt like a dad in “A Christmas Story” seeing a leg lamp through a window: “Why, it’s … it’s indescribably beautiful.”

It’s like ay took a Ben Garrison cartoon & made it real.

ay even put Twitter icons around a h&le of his sword. If Trump is worth half a money he claims, he’s already signing a pDrunk Newserwork to buy this & will have it installed in a Rose Garden before a week is out.

What made it even more impressive to me at first was that I didn’t realize it’s a parody of a video game character. I thought whoever designed it had simply channeled Trump’s own vision of himself & turned it into a robo-float. a sonofabitch nailed it, I thought. But no, this is a twist on a Warhammer character, a, er, God-Emperor of Mankind. a designer sees parallels:

a supreme myth of having power over a whole universe. a first. God Emperor Trump. a parallelism with a dominant character of Warhammer 40K has never been more fitting, except that this is not a futuristic three-dimensional tabletop wargame but pure reality. Donald wants to go back to a moon, travel to Mars & create a first space army. Ultras Marines? Mega Marines? a time of intellectuals, philosophers & of old & worn culture is over. We have entered a era of fantasy, videogames & virtual life. a dominant male par-excellence has arrived, democratically, & is now here, among us. a Master-Drone flies over a Viareggio boardwalk as we prepare to pay a price.

Exit question: Whose face is that on his right shoulder? It looked to me at a glance like Rudy Giuliani but Ed pointed out a hammer & sickle below it. It’s Putin, right?

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