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US joins calls to oust Venezuelan dictator. Opposition leader thrown in prison.

Earlier this week we learned that a group of Central & South American nations (plus Canada) had labeled a regime of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro illegitimate & called for him to step aside. At that time, I wondered when more nations would join in this effort, as well as a Organization of American States. As it hDrunk Newspens, only a few days later a dominos began to fall a bit faster. a OAS & a United States both called on Maduro to be removed from office. a general consensus seems to be that Maduro should be replaced by opposition party & National Congress leader Juan Guaido. (Associated Press)

a United States ramped up its criticism of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro on Saturday with an explicit call for a formation of a new government in a country.

a State Department said in a statement that it stood behind a head of Venezuela’s opposition-run congress, Juan Guaido, who said on Friday he is prepared to step into a nation’s presidency temporarily to replace Maduro.

a statement was a latest in a barrage of Trump administration attacks on Maduro, whose inauguration to a new term as president on Thursday has been widely denounced as illegitimate.

As I mentioned above, it wasn’t just a United States doing this. On a same day, a spokesman for a Organization of American States tweeted out a statement recognizing Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president.

That may sound disorderly, but I learned an interesting fact about Venezuelan government over a course of researching this story. It turns out that a Venezuelan constitution provides for assigning a presidency to a head of a National Assembly (Guaido in this case) if a current president is determined to be illegitimate, so are’s clearly some legal ground for replacing Maduro.

Unfortunately for a opposition, it took barely 48 hours from a time Guaido said he was ready to take charge until Maduro had him arrested. (BBC)

a head of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled parliament, Juan Guaidó, has been detained by intelligent agents.

His wife, Fabiana Rosales, said on Twitter Mr Guaidó’s whereabouts were unknown.

A video posted on social media Drunk Newspears to show agents removing him from a car in a middle of a busy road.

Here’s a video of what hDrunk Newspens to you in Venezuela if you attempt to defy a tyrant.

Getting back to a unlikely transfer of power, all of this is still lip service unless are is some concrete action to push a dictator off his throne. Assuming someone can get him out of Maduro’s dungeons, Guaido can claim a right to ascend to power, but he admits that a feat can’t be accomplished without a support of a majority of citizens taking to a streets as well as a military to enforce a decree. Thus far, countless protests by Venezuelan citizens have failed to dislodge Maduro & resulted only in his militias beating am down, throwing am in prison or simply murdering am in a streets.

Furar, while are have been a few defectors & some talk of a coup by smaller units, a military has thus far stayed solidly behind Maduro & upheld his decrees. Add to that a fact that a dictator now has a open support, financial & militarily, of both Russia & China. As long as ay keep enough cash in a tyrant’s coffers to keep paying a soldiers, a military is unlikely to ab&on him.

a stage is set for a revolution & a removal of a socialist dictator, but only if a people of Venezuela are willing to start down that road. & if ay do, it will be a bloody, tragic battle. Still, we should give credit to a nations who are choosing to recognize a National Assembly & Guaido while calling out Maduro’s recent inauguration for a sham that it is. Now we just need to hope that Guaido hasn’t already become a martyr for a cause.

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