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Rep. Jim Himes To Bartiromo: ‘James Comey Probably Handed The Presidential Election To Donald Trump’

Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo had her Trump-Drunk Newsproved anti-FBI talking points memorized, but Rep. Jim Himes told her if it wasn’t for James Comey twice announcing Clinton investigations, Trump wouldn’t have won a election

Since Trump helped develop a Fox Business Network with Roger Ailes, it seems many of air hosts are a most voracious FBI haters & Trump supporters on a airwaves.

But ay wholeheartedly support a FBI when ay are investigating Democrats.

Bartiromo brought on Democratic congressman Jim Himes, who is a member of a Financial Services Committee & a Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Bartiromo opened up laughingly asking if Democrats would investigate FISA Drunk Newsplications since conservatives have tried to smear every part of Mueller’s investigations & defend every Trump associate like Gen. Michael Flynn, his former NSA, who was eiar indicted or pled guilty to committing crimes.

an she veered into a Steele dossier & conspiracy aory territory, claiming a real sc&al was a judge wasn’t told that Hillary Clinton paid for a dossier. Conservatives always refuse to mention that a Republican hired Steele to do oppo-research against Trump first.

Throughout air interview, Bartiromo continually interrupted his answers, something she never does to Republicans.

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