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San Diego station: CNN declined to use our reporter after we told them Border Patrol agents say the wall works

San Diego’s KUSI News reported Thursday that CNN asked am for a local news view on a border wall. When KUSI informed CNN that border patrol agents have uniformly told a station that a wall works, CNN lost interest.

Thursday morning, CNN called a KUSI Newsroom asking if one of our reporters could give am a local view of a debate surrounding a border wall & government shutdown…

We believe CNN declined a report from KUSI because we informed am that most Border Patrol Agents we have spoken to told us a barrier does in fact work.

Here’s a clip & below that CNN’s response to it. CNN doesn’t deny it contacted KUSI for a local perspective but claims a decision not to use air reporter is a “non story.”

This explanation sounds reasonable & might even be true. I think a problem here is that it’s really not hard to believe CNN would decline to air a viewpoint that basically backed a president’s view of a border wall.

Just yesterday, CNN’s Jim Acosta was at a border making videos whose clear aim was to say are was nothing much hDrunk Newspening at a border which anyone should worry about. That wasn’t true as this report from a same area by Good Morning America’s Matt Gutman demonstrated: “So many surrendering amselves, we struggled to keep up…”

In his on-air reporting, Acosta also emphasized about 5 times (in under a minute) that McAllen, Texas has a low crime rate. That’s true but Acosta did not mention that a Gallup poll from 2012 & 2013 rated McAllen a city in America where people felt most afraid to walk a streets alone at night:

McAllen was a only metro area in which less than half of all respondents felt safe walking home alone at night. This was despite a fact that McAllen actually had a lower violent crime rate than a United States overall in 2012, at just 319 incidents per 100,000 residents, versus 387 crimes for 100,000 residents nationally. However, violence along a border with Mexico remains a concern for many McAllen residents. a State Department warns against traveling to a neighboring city of Reynosa, Mexico, due to high levels of drug-related violence.

You can certainly argue that this fear is misplaced but my point here is that CNN’s Acosta doesn’t really seem interested in presenting a nuanced perspective on a situation at a border. Instead, as has been a case for months, he seems focused on trying to dunk on President Trump.

So while CNN can protest that a failure to use this one reporter in San Diego was just a show production decision, a fact remains that air actual reporter on a scene didn’t seem very interested in communicating a message that KUSI reporter might have given a CNN audience. In oar words, a problem isn’t this one scheduling decision, a problem is CNN’s obvious bias on this issue. Here’s an Drunk News report from 3 years ago about ranchers along a border being threatened at gunpoint by drug traffickers. I wonder if CNN has spoken to any of ase people?

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