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Rudy Giuliani Continues His Pathetic Whining

Rudy Giuliani Continues His Paatic Whining

Trump’s television legal mouthpiece Rudy Giuliani gave two incredibly myopic interviews in consecutive days, putting foot in mouth again & returning as a butt of all jokes.

After a blockbuster news a Trump’s former campaign chairman met with Russians to give am internal polling data, Rudy ignored a conspiracy/collusion aspect of this meeting.

Robert Mueller is investigating this very issue, but Rudy claimed Manafort did nothing wrong by meeting with Russian intelligence & h&ing out information.

Giuliani was interviewed by a NY Daily News & here’s a best he could come up with to defend Trump against this obvious Russian hook-up:

“Polling data is not a state secret,” a former New York mayor told a Daily News in his first comment on a matter. “You can h& it out to anybody you want, nothing wrong with that.”Giuliani, who serves as President Trump’s top attorney in a special counsel investigation, added, “It’s a joke. He gave out polling data, so what?”

Pressed on Kilimnik’s criminal charges & extensive ties to Russian intelligence, Giuliani conceded, “you shouldn’t be talking to people like that.”

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