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Now Trump Wants To Raid Disaster Funds For His Stupid Wall

In Puerto Rico, are are still many homes & businesses without roofs. In California, wildfire-ravaged areas are in danger of being wiped out by mudslides. With every storm, we hold our breath & hope a s&bags hold. In Florida, hurricane-flattened areas are just beginning to rebuild.

ase are all areas which qualify for & have received federal disaster assistance. a last Congress allocated those funds to assist those states with a prolonged rebuilding effort.

& now, NBC News is reporting that Donald Trump & his gang of Trump Mafia thugs have a plan for those funds: Declare a federal emergency & raid disaster funds to pay for a stupid wall that no one wants.

Officials told NBC News Trump could raid a $2.4 billion allocated to projects in California, including flood prevention & protection projects along a Yuba River Basin & a Folsom Dam, as well as a $2.5 billion set aside for reconstruction projects in Puerto Rico. which have been in process for over a year now.

This is classic Trump. If he can’t get it by legitimate means, he’ll steal it. (Think about a election, for example) & in this case, he’s perfectly hDrunk Newspy to not just steal it, but also to use our military to build a wall to satisfy Ann Coulter & Rush Limbaugh.

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