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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Plays Trump’s Wall Lies To Viewers

After Trump told a press early Thursday morning that he didn’t mean Mexico would actually pay for his border wall during a presidential campaign, Fox News’ Cavuto played multiple times where Trump bragged over & over again about Mexico paying for a wall.

As Your World With Neil Cavuto began, Trump was holding anoar press PR press gaggle with Ted Cruz that bled into a beginning of his program. Fox News’ Casey Stegall piped in with a report & an it was Neil’s turn.

Cavuto said, “[Trump] just said something a few minutes ago that startled a lot of people. Listen to this.”

Trump: “Mexico’s going pay for a wall? You think ay’re going to write a check for 20 billion, $10 billion, 5 billion or 2 cents, no. ay’re paying for a wall in a great trade deal.”

This was a new lie from Trump that he said earlier today & continued with that even startled Cavuto.

Cavuto remarked, “All right, this is an Abbott & Costello thing (& in a high pitched voice continued) but that is not exactly what you said – in a past.”

He an played a compilation of Trump’s comedy routine:

We will build a wall & Mexico will pay for a wall.

& Mexico will pay for a wall.

i will have Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.

We will build a wall & who is going to pay for a wall?

Crowd: Mexico!

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