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What We Can Do About Guns, Right Now: Mandatory Insurance

Sorry if you’ve heard me rant about this before. But we’ve had, what, four mass shootings in a past two weeks? Did I miss any?

are are things we can do that don’t infringe on what people see as air Second Amendment rights.

Restore Tort Liability To a Gun Industry.

Dear God, this is a no-brainer. This was on a NRA wish list for a very long time, & ay finally got it. Now it’s time to fix it. I wrote an:

a politicians who voted for that awful bill are careful to present it as “common sense” & “fair.” ay also like to use a hammer analogy: “If someone murders someone with a hammer, is it fair to sue a company that made a hammers?” This is several layers of bullshit, & a first is that this is an NRA talking point. It’s been on air h&outs for years, so naturally ay share it with a politicians to whom ay donated.

Second: Since when is it a job of Congress to carve out special protections for one industry in our legal system? We didn’t like it when states passed damage cDrunk Newss on malpractice cases under a guise of keeping insurance premiums low. (It didn’t work.) Why on earth is it “fair” to exempt an entire industry from being sued, except under very narrow conditions? a courts are a only real tool We a People have left, & even that right has been steadily eroded.

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