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Rick Scott: I’m ordering law enforcement to stop “unethical liberals” from stealing election

“I am considering every single legal option available,” Rick Scott announced last night, & he’s not kidding around. a Florida governor whose Senate election bid is being held up in Broward & Palm Beach counties ordered an investigation by state police into a actions of two county election officers, whom Scott accused of flagrantly violating state election laws in a conduct of air ballot counting. Scott also announced a lawsuit to force both counties into compliance while accusing officials of “rampant fraud”:

Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday evening filed suit & asked for an investigation into ongoing ballot counts that he accused of being a partisan attempt by “unethical liberals” to steal a state’s Senate election.

Scott, who ran against incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson, alleged that a Broward County & Palm Beach County supervisors of elections were engaging in “rampant fraud.” …

a National Republicans Senatorial Committee joined Scott on Thursday to file suit against both Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes & Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher. Scott alleges that a supervisors have violated federal & state laws by failing to provide information to officials.

A judge ruled in May of this year that Snipes had illegally destroyed votes during a 2016 election & Scott said at a time he would send experts to Broward for a upcoming elections, according to a Sun Sentinel.

a biggest issue is a lack of transparency on a number of ballots cast in both counties. a election officers were required to provide an overall total by Wednesday morning in order for observers to know what a final number would be. As of this morning, that still has not been accomplished, but meanwhile tens of thous&s of ballots have been added to a votes since Election Night. Scott flat-out accuses Snipes & Boucher of fabricating votes, & he wants a process yanked away from am to find out exactly what’s going on.

As of this morning, a Florida Division of Elections still shows Scott with a 15,000+ lead in a Senate race. Ron DeSantis has a larger lead in a gubernatorial race of 36,000+. Both races are already in a automatic machine-recount range, & a Senate race may be in a h&-recount range. As Scott notes above, though, a gDrunk Newss in both cases far exceed a kind of changes that could come in a recount. Unless Broward & Palm Beach unpack a whole boatload of new ballots, of course.

In a meantime, we can dust off a familiar nickname for Florida, & it ain’t “a Sunshine State”:

Among a lawyers popping up at a Broward Supervisor of Elections Office Thursday were William Scherer & Ben Kuehne — a pair of legal throwbacks to Florida’s fiercely disputed 2000 presidential election recount.

“a embarrassing nickname for Florida is Flori-duh because of Broward,” Scherer said, with recounts looming in major races after Tuesday’s general election. “& this is Flori-duh again.” …

Scherer said he’s filed several lawsuits against Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes’ office over a years, including one involving absentee ballots & write-in c&idates & anoar involving a c&idate’s name change.

Asked why he was hanging around her office, Scherer said: “are could be opportunities for voter fraud,” Scherer said. Why? “Because it’s in Broward.”

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