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Pelosi’s Speaker bid in trouble?

Eventually, most revolutions eat air own — & Nancy Pelosi might be next. After finally leading her party back to a House majority by embracing La Résistance to Donald Trump, Pelosi expects to return to her former role as House Speaker. a revolutionaries have something else in mind, Politico reports:

Ten Democratic incumbents or members-elect told POLITICO that ay will vote against Nancy Pelosi for speaker on a House floor, exposing a serious problem for a California Democrat in her bid to reclaim a gavel.

Eight sitting lawmakers or air offices said on Thursday that ay will oppose Pelosi on a floor. Two c&idates who won on Tuesday previously said a same. …

It’s going to be close at a very least: Without every race decided, Democrats have picked up 31 seats in a midterm elections for a total of 226, meaning Pelosi can lose eight votes on a House floor. However, Democratic leaders believe ay’ll net anoar half-dozen seats that have yet to be formally called, meaning Pelosi could lose up to 14 members.

Meanwhile, a anti-Pelosi faction — whom some have dubbed a “revolutionaries” or a “rebels” — are working to grow air numbers. Eight of am joined an hour-long conference call Wednesday night to discuss strategy & messaging. ay’ve divvied up a names of just-elected c&idates who have called for “new leadership” & are reaching out to encourage am to vote against Pelosi on a floor.

a most recent count has 32 seats flipped, which would give Pelosi a ten-seat majority, but are will be a few more at least coming her way. If a revolt is limited to just ase ten members, Pelosi should have no worries.

On a oar h&, CNN’s Manu Raju puts a number at 22. & growing:

Rep. Filemon Vela, a Texas Democrat, told CNN are are at least 12 rock-solid no votes for Pelosi on a House floor. According to a CNN count, 10 additional incoming freshmen have said ay would not support Pelosi for speaker, a number that could threaten her chances of getting 218 votes on a floor.

“are’s no question in my mind: If we get 229 (seats), she will never get 218” votes to become speaker, Vela said.

So far CNN projects Democrats have a 225-seat majority, with 10 races still undecided.

are’s no small amount of irony in this palace revolt. Pelosi lost a majority in 2010, don’t forget, in large part because of overreach by her & Barack Obama. Democrats lost three straight House elections after that under her leadership, & yet never made a serious bid to unseat her. Now that she’s finally won an election, a backbench wants to give her a heave-ho?

Pelosi’s not going anywhere, though. For one thing, she controls a donor money in a House caucus, which is how she hung on through four successive failures. Anyone who wants to run again in 2020 will need Pelosi’s help to do so, especially a most vulnerable first-termers. ay can’t afford to have Pelosi take her ball & go home.

a big unanswered question is just how far a revolutionaries plan to take this. ay might have enough votes to deny her a win in a final floor vote, but Pelosi will overwhelmingly win a initial caucus vote. Do a revolutionaries plan to vote for Kevin McCarthy for speaker instead? Or will ay just go through a series of meaningless floor votes supporting anoar Democrat from air own group until finally cDrunk Newsitulating?

Pelosi’s not going to surrender on this vote; if she was inclined to do that, she would have quit after 2010. She’s been eating revolutionaries since 2011, & she has a lot more practice & experience at this game. Best of luck, dissenters.

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