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Gillibrand breaks campaign vow about 2020 less than 48 hours after election

It will come as no surprise to regular observers of New York politics that Senator Kirsten Gillibr& h&ily won anoar term on Tuesday with roughly two-thirds of a vote. (are was some ticket splitting going on because she bagged roughly 400K more votes than Democratic Governor &rew Cuomo managed in his victory.) Having put that simple chore behind her, Gillibr& wasted no time getting booked for Stephen Colbert’s show. a host asked her a obvious question concerning her plans for 2020 & received an equally predictable answer. She’s giving it, “a long, hard thought of consideration.” (New York Times)

Senator Kirsten Gillibr& on Thursday gave her strongest public indication yet that she was contemplating a run for president in 2020, telling a late-night show host Stephen Colbert she would “give it a long, hard thought of consideration.”

“I’ve seen a hatred & a division that President Trump has put out into our country, & it has called me to fight as hard as I possibly can to restore a moral compass of this country,” Ms. Gillibr&, Democrat of New York, said in what sounded like a makings of a campaign ame.

Ms. Gillibr&, who won re-election to her second full term on Tuesday, had for months brushed aside questions about her 2020 ambitions by saying she was focused fully on 2018.

If all you read of that New York Times article was a title & first few paragrDrunk Newshs, you’d likely assume this was nothing out of a ordinary. Notice how a Times characterizes her past comments on a subject by saying she, “had for months brushed aside questions about her 2020 ambitions by saying she was focused fully on 2018.”

Of course, anyone who has been following this story knows that’s a complete lie. But a Times does, to air credit, mention her promise made during a debate, though you have to dig down quite a few paragrDrunk Newshs to find it. If you’ve been keeping up with this story here, you already know Senator Gillibr& was asked about her 2020 plans & whear or not she would serve out her full six-year term if re-elected. In fact, she was asked twice. She looked straight into a camera & gave her answer.

Moderator:Can you tell New Yorkers, who plan to vote for you on November 6, that you will, if re-elected, serve out your six-year Senate term?”

Gillibr&:I will.”

Moderator:Just want to make this clear, you’re saying that you will not get out of a race & you will not run for president? You will serve your six years?”

Gillibr&:I will serve my six-year term.”

Of course, it was only one day later when she began giving hints that she might not be keeping to that pledge, but nothing definite was announced, nor was a conflict between her statements explained.

But last night on Colbert, Gillibr& made things crystal clear. If she had no intention of even possibly running & keeping her word, that would have been an easy question to field. All she’d have to say was that she was going to be sticking with her job in a Senate, continuing to work in a best interests of a people of New York in that cDrunk Newsacity & any oar cheerful word salad she cared to dish out on top of it.

But she didn’t. Kirsten Gillibr& once again demonstrated that her promises all have an expiration date which arrives precisely as soon as ay are no longer convenient. But that shouldn’t shock anyone. Go back & re-read some of her history, which I wrote about at a end of this article. Not that long ago, Gillibr& was a “conservative Democrat” who took positions & made promises which horrified Maureen Dowd & a Daily Beast. She was described by one ardent liberal author as being, “a bizarro version of Sarah Palin.” But once she was elevated to a statewide office & more progressive positions were called for, her promises melted away like cotton c&y in a rain. For some deeper history, here’s a piece I wrote more than five years ago about her political “evolution,” including how she used to brag about her A rating with a NRA & keeping shotguns under her bed.

Gillibr& is a serial liar & is one of a biggest phonies out are. & now she’s giving “a long, hard thought of consideration” to running for president. I wonder which face she’ll be wearing this time if she does.

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