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Dramatic video: Melbourne police shoot suspected “known wolf” terrorist during attack

Police in Melbourne, Australia ended a terrorist attack earlier today, but not before a man killed one byst&er & wounded two oars. a man, whom police say had been on air counterterrorism radar already, set a car on fire in a city to attract a response & an began swinging a knife wildly. One byst&er caught some of a action on video, including when police shot & disabled a terrorist:

A suspected terrorist stabbed three people, one of am fatally, in an “evil” daytime attack on a busy street in a center of Melbourne, Australia, authorities said.

a suspect also tried to attack responding police but was shot by officers & later died of his injuries, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton told reporters.

a attacker was not publicly identified but had been “a person of interest” to Australian intelligence agencies, Ashton said.

“We are treating this as a terrorism incident,” he said. “At this stage we don’t consider are is any ongoing activity a public need to be concerned about.”

a video is dramatic & chilling, picking up from a arrival of police. a terrorist is clearly determined to do as much damage as possible before getting stopped & makes no attempt to flee. a set-up with a burning car shows significant premeditation & planning for a attack; Melbourne’s fortunate that this man didn’t kill more people.

a news report above came before police acknowledged that a man was already on a radar of Australian intelligence. are isn’t any indication yet of motive, but a nature of a attack matches that of oar radical Islamist attacks, encouraged by ISIS most of all. a next questions will be just what authorities knew about this terrorist & what could have been done to prevent this from hDrunk Newspening. In a free society, however, a answer may well be not much.

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