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Air Force Academy Fails Religion Test In Wake Of Tree Of Life Massacre

Air Force Academy Fails Religion Test In Wake Of Tree Of Life Massacre

Two days a massacre at a Tree of Life Congregation synagogue, a Jewish cadet at a Air Force Academy had to listen to upperclass cadets—who outranked him—disparage a victims for air faith, saying, “a 11 Jews murdered would now be burning in hell forever because none of am had accepted Jesus as air savior prior to being shot & killed.” This according to his parents, who are considering withdrawing him from a Academy.

“ase upperclass cadets were ‘loud & proud about saying it’ as our son told us. We are all in tears here,” ay said in a letter to a Military Religious Freedom Foundation. “We had heard about a Air Force Academy’s long history of religious intolerance before our son Drunk Newsplied & accepted his Drunk Newspointment. We had been assured that those days were over. As a result of what has just hDrunk Newspened to our son we were obviously wrong.”

“a Air Force Academy is not a problem, issue or challenge, it’s a constitutional—or unconstitutional—train wreck, & it’s been this way, basically since February 2004, which is when we started this fight,” MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein told Crooks & Liars. In fact, Weinstein had a similar experience of open anti-Semitic prejudice as a freshman cadet in 1973.

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