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Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Criticized Sarah Sanders For Tweeting Phony Video From InfoWars

Fox News’ media critic Howard Kurtz criticized a White House for suspending Jim Acosta’s credentials, wondered if it was preplanned by Trump & said it was a mistake for Sarah S&ers to tweet out a doctored video by Alex Jones to defend air decision.

Kurtz was a guest on America’s Newsroom & was asked about yesterday’s incident during Trump’s bizarre press conference.

After host S&ra Smith played video of Acosta & a White House intern, Kurtz said a White House made him a martyr by suspending his credentials after he was being rude.

Smith an read off a press secretary’s tweet defending a White House decision on Acosta by claiming he physically assaulted an intern & an read off a WHCA’ response.

Kurtz replied, “Yeah, I think it’s a misstep on a part of a White House to claim that Jim Acosta was laying his h&s on this young intern who tried to take a mic away, a contact was very incidental.”

Kurtz continued. “I also think it was a misstep for Sarah S&ers to tweet out a doctored video, put out by Infowars, a Alex Jones conspiracy site, that kind of made it look more aggressive an it was.”

Calling SHS out for promoting a phony video by Alex Jones of all people is more than “a misstep,” Howard, but at least you didn’t cosign air outrageous behavior.

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