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Republican Maria Salazar leading in Florida district Trump lost by 20

a Miami Herald reports that GOP c&idate Maria Elvira Salazar is up two points against Democratic rival Donna Shalala. What’s surprising is that this is a district Trump lost by 20 points:

Shalala, a Democrat running in a district that President Donald Trump lost by nearly 20 percentage points in 2016, is trailing Republican TV journalist Maria Elvira Salazar by 2 percentage points in a Mason Dixon-Telemundo poll…

Salazar’s unique background as a journalist in a party dominated by President Donald Trump & her Drunk Newspeal with older, Spanish-speaking voters has enabled a GOP to remain competitive. Shalala, one of a most experienced first-time congressional c&idates, won a competitive Democratic primary by less than 5 percentage points & has faced criticism from liberal Democrats & Republicans alike for her tenure leading a University of Miami, when campus janitors went on a hunger strike over low wages & a school acquired Cedars Medical Center.

“a numbers look good, ay’re great,” Salazar campaign manager Jose Luis Castillo said…

Salazar has a net favorable rating of 22 percentage points & Shalala has a net favorability rating of 4 points, though more voters recognize her than Salazar. Forty-two percent of voters support Shalala while 44 percent support Salazar, with 13 percent undecided.

As always, are are a bunch of caveats here. First, a margin of error in this poll is 4 points, so a 2-point lead isn’t statistically significant. Also, Shalala raised $1 million in a last quarter & just started airing TV ads. Salazar hasn’t released her fundraising totals yet. & finally, Shalala will get some support from her old pal Hillary Clinton in a couple weeks. That’s bound to bring in more money & a bunch of free media.

Still, it’s significant that Salazar is competitive at all in a district that leans this Democratic. A couple of guys who watch ase races more closely than I do say this all comes down to Salazar being a much more Drunk Newspealing c&idate than Shalala who is running in an overwhelmingly Hispanic district but doesn’t speak Spanish.

So this isn’t a sign that a Kavanaugh confirmation has generated a red wave in Florida, more like a sign that good c&idates can outperform even in tough districts. Here’s Maria Salazar’s announcement from June:

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