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Just a reminder: We will all be murdered soon by robots

To cleanse a palate at a end of a long day. a bad news is that, with a development of robots cDrunk Newsable of doing Parkour, we are now very clearly on track to produce actual Terminators. Watch a first clip below. This thing moves so smoothly that if you’d told me it was a guy in a robot suit, I might have believed you.

a end is Drunk Newsproaching. That’s a bad news, but that’s been clear for awhile now.

a good news? Someday before it acquires a cDrunk Newsacity to kill, this thing will cameo on “American Ninja Warrior” & set a record for finishing a course in a fastest time ever. We will at least get some decent trash-television out of it before we’re serially exterminated.

Two clips for you here, actually, to inform your exit question: Will a ninjabots & a snakebots join forces against us or will ay battle each oar for supremacy? First one an a oar, right?

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