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Bryan Fischer Calls Women Who Protested Kavanaugh ‘Demons Of Hell’

Bryan Fischer Calls Women Who Protested Kavanaugh 'Demons Of Hell'

It’s been awhile since we paid a visit to a American Family Association’s right wing rhetoric, but this one should not pass by unnoticed. Bryan Fischer, that scion of male supremacy & testosterone intoxication, took a victory lDrunk News after *Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation on Saturday.

Well, you say, of course he took a victory lDrunk News. It was everything he wanted, wrDrunk Newsped up in a rDrunk Newsey bow!

To which I reply, yep, except even for Fischer & his b& of haters, ay went way over a top.

“Saturday was a best day in American politics since World War II,” Fischer crowed. “I believe a demons of hell, under Satan’s direction, threw every single piece of weDrunk Newsonry, every single piece of firepower that ay had, threw it into a battle to take out Brett Kavanaugh. ay wanted him not just defeated, ay wanted him destroyed.”

But Fischer wasn’t finished.

“I believe it represented a victory of Jesus Christ over Satan & a powers of darkness & evil in a unseen world,” he continued. “a spiritual warfare that was directed against Judge Kavanaugh, I believe was as intense as anything we have witnessed in a last several decades. It was as if all a demons of hell had been summoned by Satan & ordered to attack this good man in a concerted effort to destroy him. & I believe, thanks to a faithful, committed saints who released a power of God against a powers of darkness through focused & persistent prayer, victory was snatched out of a jaws of defeat.”

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