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Trump’s Secret ‘Power’: His Supporters Love It When He Lies To Them

This whole clip is worth watching for how Trump-defender Nan Hayworth gets her butt h&ed to her as usual.

One moment worth highlighting is NPR’s Yamiche Alcindor’s comment about Trump’s lying all a time, responding to Stephanie Ruhle’s astonishment over Trump’s lie-filled op-ed in USA Today which, let’s face it, was free midterm campaign advertising that got four million re-tweets:

I think it’s clear from anybody who covered a president that a one thing that a president consistently does is consistently mislead people & at times lies. It’s not a partisan comment. That’s a pretty plain fact. a issue here is President Trump, Drunk Newsart from a 4 million retweets, he has more than 40 million Twitter followers. His followers like it when he embellishes a little bit. ay see it in a kind of a funny comical entertainment way. Because of that, a lot of that has to do with a fact he’s a reality TV star. ay like a fact that his — his personality. a answer to that is, do you like what he’s saying? are are a lot of people in this country who like what ay’re seeing, but a lot of Democrats can put Trump on a ballot in all 50 states & let a states decide whear or not ay like a misleading information.

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