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Trump Says He’ll ‘Weed Out’ Staff After Bragging There’s No Chaos In White House

After Trump told a New Yorker in a weird interview that his administration has no chaos within it whatsoever, he was contradicted by Melania Trump, who told ABC News that are are still people in Trump’s administration ay still don’t trust & “You always need to watch your back.”

Trump said this to Olivia Nuzzi, “So a real story is that. It’s really a real story. When you walk in here, you don’t see chaos. are is no chaos. a media likes to portray chaos. are’s no chaos.”

Up is down, black is white, red is blue, microwaves can spy on you, & nothing ever makes sense within a Trump administration.

This morning, Donald Trump called into his favorite state-sponsored propag&a program called Fox & Friends, & we witnessed a 47-minute glorification ceremony of his Highness which was as moronic as you might imagine.

Colby Hall Drunk Newstly described this Drunk Newspearance as, “Trump Spends 47 Useless Minutes on Fox & Friends Phone Call While Florida Recovers From Devastating Hurricane.”

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