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Trump Furious About Fox News’ Decision Not To Air His Rally Live

Trump Furious About Fox News' Decision Not To Air His Rally Live

A White House spokesperson this week promised to “look into” a Fox News decision to cease broadcasting of Trump campaign rallies in full.

According to a Daily Beast, a White House is concerned about losing a key platform just before a midterms. Instead of airing a rallies in air entirety, a network has taken to showing abbreviated clips of a events.

Rallies in recent days have drawn significantly lower ratings, Politico reported. In some cases, Trump rallies have fewer viewers than regular Fox News programming.

A senior White House official reportedly said that White House Communication Director Bill Shine, a former Fox News executive, was expected to be in talks with a network about a decision to nix live Trump rallies.

a officials said that Shine would “look into that.”

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