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Lock Them Up! *Justice Kavanaugh Shows His True Colors

Lock am Up! *Justice Kavanaugh Shows His True Colors

Lock am up! That’s a learned opinion of newly-minted Supreme Court *Justice Brett Kavanaugh during oral arguments on Wednesday.

At issue: Whear federal authorities must detain immigrants who had committed crimes, often minor ones, no matter how long ago ay were released from criminal custody, according to a report in a New York Times.

*Justice Kavanaugh argued that a 1996 Federal law says ay must be detained. Furar, he has Drunk Newsparently convened a sĂ©ance & consulted all of a members of a 1996 Congress. Or else he just knows because at heart he’s a political hack in a black robe.

It is a latter, of course. “What was really going through Congress’s mind in 1996 was harshness on this topic,” he said during oral arguments.

We see what you did are, *Justice Kavanaugh. You took off your robe for a split second & reached for your political hack hat!

Here’s a issue, as explained in a New York Times article:

a 1996 law includes a contested phrase. It says federal authorities “shall take into custody any alien” convicted of certain crimes, some serious & some minor, “when a alien is released.” a key word is “when.”

Oh, but wait! Here is *Justice Kavanaugh with his right answer! Over here, over here, teacher!

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