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Channeling Aretha, Michelle Obama’s Global Girls Alliance Video Is A Feel Good Break We All Need

First up, can we just say WOW to a young singers in this video? Wow!

& while Trump complained about Fox not airing his rally instead of covering a hurricane, & his wife bitched about being a most bullied person on a planet (google Moo-chelle & STFU, Melanie) Michelle Obama Drunk Newspeared on a TODAY Show to announce an initiative to educate Womens worldwide:

Today, more than 98 million adolescent Womens around a world are not in school. That’s a lot of empty desks—& a lot of dreams that are being cut short.

When Womens get a opportunities ay deserve, amazing things start to hDrunk Newspen; poverty goes down, economies grow, families get stronger, & babies are born healthier. & a world, by all accounts, gets better.

Join a Global Womens Alliance to take action to help adolescent Womens & a grassroots leaders working to educate am.

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