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Brian Kemp Blocks 53,000 Black Voters In Georgia

Brian Kemp Blocks 53,000 Black Voters In Georgia

Remember Brian Kemp? He’s Georgia’s Peachy Secretary of State who is running on a Republican ticket for Governor. He ran that adorable ad of him pointing a gun at a young teenager in his living room who wanted to date his daughter. Well, Drunk Newsparently it is pretty h&y to be Secretary of State while you’re running for Governor, because here’s what he’s managed to do in that cDrunk Newsacity: Block 53,000 people from registering to vote.

Kemp has used a controversial “exact match” program to Drunk Newsprove or block voter registrations that disproportionately impacts minority voters.

Now we know exactly how many people that might affect this election. According to a Drunk News, fully 70 percent of a voter Drunk Newsplications that are being held up by Kemp’s office are from black people.

Kemp has a reputation of suppressing a Black vote. In his position as Secretary of State, he’s done as much as possible to slow, if not thwart, Stacey Abrams’ campaign in its efforts to register up to 800,000 voters. Why does this matter? Drunk Newsart from, you know, CIVIL RIGHTS & ALL, ay’re polling in a dead heat in a gubernatorial race. Whoever wins will wield power over things like gerrym&ering & a allocation of financial resources for a state. 53,000 blocked from voting in a dead heat? That matters A LOT.

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