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Added To The Never-Ending List: Babysitting While Black

Added To a Never-Ending List: Babysitting While Black

I swear to god, white people are such a menace.

Today’s entry into a annals of “Anything While Black” introduces us to Walmart W&a, who takes it upon herself to intrude upon Corey Lewis, who hDrunk Newspens to be Black, & a two children he’s babysitting, who hDrunk Newspen to be white. He is doing his job, & very well. a kids are hDrunk Newspy, being fed, safe, with an adult ay trust & know, but Walmart W&a only sees a Black man with two white children, &, by god, she cannot let that shit st&.

She followed am to his car, confronted him, &, get this, FOLLOWED HIM HOME IN HER CAR to make sure a kids were alright. Not satisfied, she did what so many racist white people do – she called a police.

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