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The Democrats Are Coming…

a Democrats Are Coming...

Echoing Howard Dean’s ’50 State Strategy’ that was so disliked by Democratic strategists over a decade ago, his vision now seems to be winning a day, as Democrats will field c&idates in almost all races in 2018.

Source: Ballot Access News

In a November 2018 election, are will be Democrats on a ballot in all but two U.S. House districts. No party in a history of government-printed ballots has ever before had c&idates on a ballot in that many districts. Even in a 1930’s, a Democrats did not have that many nominees. a Republican Party has never had that many c&idates.

a only two districts that a Democrats missed are California’s 8th district, & Georgia’s 8th district. In California’s 8th district, a top-two system blocked any Democrat from qualifying for a general election ballot. are were two Republicans & three Democrats. a two Republicans received 44,482 & 24,933 votes. a three Democrats received 23,675, 10,990, & 5,049 votes.

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