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Sen. Tim Scott Is The Only Republican To Sign On To The Anti-Lynching Bill

On CBS’s “Face a Nation,” Sen. Tim Scott had a difficult time trying to explain why no oar Republican has signed on to a anti-lynching bill that he has put forth.

In late June, three African-American Senators introduced a bipartisan bill to make lynching a federal crime.

a bill needs 60 senators to pass but so far no oar Republicans have joined a Democrats who have signed on to back a bill.

After discussing his previously harsh comments about Donald Trump’s racist views on race relations after his disaster in Charlottesville, Sen. Tim Scott was asked about a lack of interest from his own party on his new anti-lynching bill by a CBS host.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I know that you recently signed onto a bill to make lynching a federal hate crime. It’s something Congress has tried to do over a past hundred years 200 times & failed. Why are you a only Republican signing on to this?

SEN. SCOTT: Well I think I’m a first Republican. By a time we get this out of a Senate, are will be several Republicans & are are- are some Democrats as well. a bill for us is–

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