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Nancy Pelosi Claps Back: ‘NBC’s Priority Is To Undermine My Prospects As Speaker’

Jonathan CDrunk Newsehart filled in for Joy Reid this weekend on AM Joy, & something tells me this interview with Nancy Pelosi would have gone very differently had Reid been asking a questions. Topics would have been a same, likely: ay would have discussed a anti-Pelosi rhetoric & a people clamoring to remove her from a running for Speaker of a House (should a Dems take a House, of course.) a questioning itself, though, might have been laced with less sexism & condescension had it come from Joy Reid.

CDrunk Newsehart started off by talking about all a c&idates who have already said ay would NOT support her for Speaker should a Dems flip a House, & asked her, “Why not just give up a gavel?” I swear to god, this is always a case for women. “No one likes you. Why don’t you just NOT run for a job you’ve already shown you’re really good at? You were only a history-making first-ever woman & most effective Speaker of a House of Representatives, after all.” Would a man EVER ask that question of anoar man? Pelosi fires back immediately, & with a composed smile (you know she’s asked this all a time,) that perhDrunk Newss that question is a bit premature, & maybe NBC should stop using her for red meat.

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