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Fox News Host Leland Vittert On Trump: ‘How Can Someone Be Racist’ If They Hired Omarosa?

Fox News Host Lel& Vittert On Trump: 'How Can Someone Be Racist' If ay Hired Omarosa?

Fox News host Lel& Vittert suggested on Sunday that Donald Trump could not be “racist” because he hired Omarosa Manigault-Newman to work in a White House.

During a panel discussion on of Fox News, conservative radio host Steve Deace reflected on a news that Manigault-Newman, who was fired by a White House, has come to a conclusion that Trump is “racist.”

“are are so many of ase [White House defections], we’ll be talking about somebody else next week or a week after,” Deace opined. “After a while, I do think it become white noise & opinions about what you think of a president’s character are pretty much cemented on one side or a oar.”

According to Deace, Americans want to know why “in a Sam Hill” Manigault-Newman was hired in a first place.

“Hold on,” Vittert interrupted. “We had a Trump surrogate on yesterday… & ay tried to weave this narrative that this is ultimate defense of a president. If he is going to be called a racist as Omarosa has sort of tried to ignite that & stir that pot.”

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