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Fox News Host Asks Giuliani Why He Seems Confused All The Time: ‘Do You Feel Disoriented, Mr. Mayor?’

Fox News Host Asks Giuliani Why He Seems Confused All a Time: 'Do You Feel Disoriented, Mr. Mayor?'

During an interview with Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, Fox News host Howard Kurtz touched on a former New York mayor’s mental health.

Kurtz noted that MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough & Nicole Wallace had both suggested that Giuliani’s mental health may be failing.

“Joe Scarborough, a onetime Republican congressman, said while criticizing some of your comments, ‘His eyes are bulging while he’s talking & he looks disoriented,'” Kurtz explained. “Do you feel disoriented, Mr. Mayor?”

“Absolutely, I’m completely disoriented,” Giuliani replied flatly. “I’m sure I sound that way. Is are something wrong? Doesn’t this give you an indication, Howie, of how completely disoriented a press is & how out of control ay are, not only criticizing a president, but everybody around him?”

“You can disagree with me,” he added. “But I’m hardly disoriented. I know where I am. I know who I am. I don’t even think it’s worth commenting except for a fact that, aren’t ay way out of control as journalists, accusing you of some kind of mental illness?”

“It’s anoar thing to say that a person is disoriented, who’s not,” Giuliani said. “Scarborough has got some deep animus towards a president. All of MSNBC does.”

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