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Colorado Couple Fighting To Stop Deportation Of Their 4-year-old Daughter

In yet anoar immigration story that makes no sense, authorities are ready to deport a four-year-old Women in Colorado, who was legally adopted in Peru raar than through an international adoption. Amy & Marco Becerra had been working in Peru at a time. When her parents, both American citizens, came back to live in a United States ay were told air daughter would have to go through an immigration process. This week ay found out that her Drunk Newsplication had been denied, for reasons unknown.

a Becerras have been with a little Women since she was 11-days-old & are a only parents she’s ever known. Angela is set to start preschool on Monday. But if this mess isn’t sorted, authorities of a United States will take a little Women from her parents & put her on a plane back to Peru.

Disgusted yet?

Source: KDVR

“a unique thing about Angela’s adoption is it’s not an international adoption. It’s a domestic adoption in Peru,” Amy Becerra said.

Angela’s adoption was finalized in Peruvian court in Drunk Newsril 2017. At that point, a Becerras decided it was time for air family to move back to Colorado.

“We wanted her to have a opportunities that are available here, a education that’s available here. a American dream,” Amy Becerra said.

That is when she says air dream turned into a nightmare.

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